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Killing the great Hinduism by its politicization

When Francis Bacon, one of the forefathers of modern science and its method said during AD 1500s:

Ø       Nature had to be haunted in her wanderings
Ø       She should be bound into service
Ø       made her a slave
Ø       put in constraint
Ø       to torture-out the secrets of nature from her

Hinduism said:

Ø       Worship the trees and mountains
Ø       Feed snakes, cows and monkeys
Ø       Bow before your enemy before killing him
Ø       Treat penis and vagina as sacred and pure
Ø       Treat your guests as you treat God
The stark difference of the world view, or the way both traditions look at life and nature are well evident from the above narratives. While the first model treats world and nature an object for exploration and plunder, the other tradition accepts its spiritual essence, and then value,respects and even worship her, and all her inmates and objects !

Mr. Marc Edmund Jones, a Western Writer (Book ‘Occult philosophy’– ‘SAMBHALA’ USA), wrote in favour of the greatness of Eastern tradition by equaling it to the classic Greek tradition:

“Any effort to determine casual connections more than two millennia afterwards would be futile, but it must be remembered that developments in philosophy east of Indus paralleled vary completely to those among the Hellenic thinkers. It may as well have been pure historical accident as the circumstances of any particular genius that led to the building of modern western idea upon the Grecian rather the Hindu Contribution”

Every right thinking human being can imagine how different modern world would have been if it was built around the Eastern Traditions than the Western. Our subject-matter is not a comparison of Western and Eastern traditions, but exposing the current sin of killing the great Hindu tradition and its above seen un-parallel life and world view, by enforcing of its politicized version of mutual hatred, intolerance, division, violence and communal disharmony in the very country of its birth !

The above seen original traditions and world view of Hinduism are no where to be seen today. It has been buried for the sake of the modern highly politicized, violent and divisive traditions of politicized Hinduism. The majority Hindus in this country (almost 80%) have been indoctrinated to believe that their traditions and beliefs are under threat from the remaining small percentage of other religions. They have been asked to shed their age-old tenets of compassion, tolerance and the traditions of peace, in order to protect their faith ! 

The still remaining bottom wisdom of a few truly saintly seers might have been suppressed intentionally, and they are never allowed to come out into the mainstream expressing the truth. Many of them also might have been indoctrinated into the violent sect, by promise of power and position once the political group emerge as rulers of the country in the soon approaching election!

Like a river or ocean, pure Hinduism was all accepting and receiving, without any differentiation of 'paths' to know and understand 'Brahma'! She was the one and only religion who distinguished between 'true-self' and 'false-self', a unique spiritual feat for any religion ! She stood for considering the sense world as 'Maya',( false, or illusion) and said, one can leave the path of Maya and attain pure 'salvation' in this world itself.

For the absolutely selfish motive of capturing the rulers’ throne in the country, the highly professionalized political elements have succeeded in killing the original Hinduism, and converted it into an intolerant vision and movement.   

The thought system like ‘ ADVAITA’ ( non-duality, or the principle that there exists no difference between the essence of God and man) is unique and un-parallel in the world ! Leading monotheistic religions keep the belief that the essence of God and that of man are different, and man need to love and worship God for attaining salvation and liberation. Today, such uniqueness of Hindu thought has lost its relevance and mainstream priority in the Hindu community. Every Hindu is being made to feel pride of his majority status in the country, and its natural sense of power and cultural superiority in society.

Why ordinary Hindus in the county deserve all the praise for not falling flat for the above political propaganda ?

The most outstanding feature of this great, predominantly Hindu nation is the restraint, and the intellectual and spiritual sanity and maturity that being shown by the ordinary Hindus in the country, in the face of the above strong political propaganda: very few Hindus have fallen for the above dangerous and divisive political agenda. The rest have firmly stood for what had the great religion stood for ages together: the treatment and even worship of everything that exists, both friendly as well as antagonistic elements in life, and considering everything as the sacred manifestation of the supreme-being !

If it were any other religion for that matter, they would have stood together as one united point of strength, and had taken its natural political and cultural advantage in the country ! This is what makes Hinduism really unique and un-parallel ! The entire credit for not converting the country into a theocratic entity should directly go to the ordinary Hindus in the country, who showed maturity and soberness to abide by the ancient religion’s fundamental teachings. 

They have shown their unique understanding to realize that the forces who cry out for Hindu unity against the minorities in the country have their dangerously divisive political agenda ! Men behind such agenda are not Hindus by essence, but professional political players who are habitual of utilizing anything and everything that could win their goal. In other words, they are enemies of the real Hinduism in its age-old essence !

Authored by: Abraham J.Palakudy, a philosophic,mind&reason,polity and Spirituality seeker and researcher.

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